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Hi All Subscribers!

Welcome to my NetSpiders. This is very important news for Group members and all others friends and new members, We are going to introduce some new services coming soon &  trying to provide better services in this group with the help of GOD & with the help of all of you and some very nice other persons. I hope you wish to stay with us and happy to share your knowledge and problems.

 If you really want to survive with IT then you should be links with NetSpiders and Daily Ummat of IT Page.  Some basics of 'Bits & Bytes, Types of Computers, Networks, OSI Layers, ASP, JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, UML with RUP, OOP, VB, C++, Macromedia Flash, Director, Author ware, Dream weaver, 3D MAX, Firewalls, Port Scanning, 3D Cafe,  Email, MIRC, Flooding, IP-Finding, Web Defacing, Channel Blocking, Linux, Unix, Hacking, FireWalls, Cracking, Security, Secure Socket Layers, Ports, Programming, Software Designing, Testing, System Analyzing, Consult antsy, Hardware & Software Installations and Drivers ... etc' ask to freely anything we can do try my best efforts.

Hacking is Un-Authorized way, but u should be know ‘what is Hacking, Its advantages and disadvantages’. We are not HACKERS’. So please don’t ask me how to hack and crack but we can discuss on limited criteria. Personally i don't like to call my self as hacker. Hackers activity against any Organization is not appreciated but itself is a knowledge and personally developed skill. Guys & Gals remember it always in your mind, we are on learning stage in any stage of life. So don’t think anyone smart in the world better then you, because you are the only one person who can do anything in this world. You are not only one on learning stage, there is lot of peoples are on learning stage. Just try to understand this sentence and don’t think that I am making you fool because I am trying to build up your trust on your self.

NetSpiders Cyber Army is the name of Organization. We can do provide some special services to Multinational Companies and we can do complete your Un-Complete Projects. Which you have stopped according to any reason. We have high qualify Programmers, IT-Consultants, System Analysts, Multimedia Designers, Web Marketing Experts and lots of service soon as soon possible we are trying to introduce with the name of  "NetSpiders Cyber Army". This Army is totally to do peaceful work and nothing to do any work against any Organization, we have concerned with our work and money, which we will decide on starting the Project. We can provide a chance to our members to do better perform. If  you think you are expert of any one field of IT which we have discussed above. You can email me your resume for joining 'Cyber Army'.


Faisal Anwar.


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